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четверг, 11 сентября 2014 г.

In the early summer of 2013 year I joined the company Wargaming.net to 3D-modeler environment. This is a great company with great expertise. Below I'll give you a job, I worked for more than a year. It's only 20 per cent of overall objectives, which I did. Because of the secrecy policy, I can only Show screenshots of my objects from the game itself. I can't talk about the stages of work, technology and the nuances.
    wooden church

 old fountain

 a lot of tasks to create the various Fences and gates, blockages

 the longest job I've had to do here is this temple

My opel blitz you can see on many maps, if you play in the World of Tanks :)

I met a very interesting task. Make an enclosed location for one game. The old bunker.
All screenshots are made with the viewport, so the quality of the engine will be entirely different. To regret far customer missed the game, and how it all looks in the end is not known.

In the spring of 2013, I left the Studio Cubincup. Here's some work that I've done at this time.

It's location to one game for mobile platform

One of the works, made by me for this project

The latter, than I worked for was a cartoon "Robiki". The series has not yet been released, but at the last moment left Trailer
Until winter 2012 year worked on the video clip.
 My responsibilities include modeling of all machines and part of the city.
Here are a few screenshots of the very first version of the music video:

Also in my duties included placing light sources

And, of course, my favorite, the Mulsane Bentley. This model does not exist. The project had a copy of the Mulsane Bentley. But longer. So I took the base model and changed it.